April 13, 2011: Voices For Freedom (VFF) calls international human rights organizations to put pressure on Indian government to bring to light the current status of Bhai Pal Singh who is in the illegal custody of Punjab Police since 23rd of July 2010. The whole Sikh community is highly concerned about his present situation. It is a well-known reality now that just to satisfy its masters, Punjab Police every now and then captures innocent Sikhs. This illegal detention of a peace loving Indian born French national Pal Singh is another episode of ongoing injustice against Sikhs. 

Bhai Pal Singh is a peaceful and scholarly person. Having spent a long time abroad, leaving all the comforts of west, he came back to Panjab to mold the young generation according to the teachings and preaching of the religion. He neither had any connection with militants nor had he any political mission. The only mission with which he returned home was to serve Sikh community and to educate its youth to leave all those habits and customs, which are against the religious norms. But Punjab Police, showing its conventional biasness trapped him and with the acquisition of having training of militancy from Pakistan and planning terrorist activities, arrested him in July 2010 and since then he is bearing the brunt of his zeal and zest to serve his community peacefully.

Khalra Mission Committee recently conducted a Press Conference in which Surinder Singh Chatha told that Punjab Police is torturing the old man cruelly. He is being given Electric Shocks, beaten with rods and disturbed mentally.  He told that despite the direction of session court to appoint two doctors to examine him and to give him medical aid, no step is being taken.


In the same Press Conference Jagtar Singh Chandi stated that the reason behind Pal Singh torture and detention is that he wanted SGPC to be free of political influence as in his views no mission could be accomplished unless or until SGPC is free of all the political pressures.

Sikh community is worried for Bhai Pal Singh as it is not for the first time that Punjab Police arrested an innocent civilian, tortured him and then killed him in a police encounter or in some other way. Mysterious death of Sohan Singh is the most recent example of such atrocious activities of Punjab Police. Sohan Singh was arrested on 7th of March 2011 and was found dead in lockup. Police claims that he committed suicide whereas his family members are of the view that he was tortured inhumanly. Moreover, with a wounded leg it was not possible for him to move easily than how could be hang himself.

VFF feels that the same vicious episode can be repeated with Bhai Pal Singh. In one of its earlier Press Releases, on 5th of August, 2010, VFF called Indian and French Governments to ensure the health and security of Bhai Pal Singh. But unfortunately, neither of them took any step.

VFF urges international human rights organizations to intervene the matter, as no human rights treaty permits any investigative agency to punish an accused, unless the acquisition is proved. Moreover, prisoners also have fundamental rights and in any case can not be deprived of medical treatment. In this case, nothing is being taken care of. No law, no morality or no human custom allows any agency to torture an accused in such a way. VFF desires human rights organizations to use their influence so that the case of Bhai Pal Singh may be preceded in accordance with human rights, Indian laws and universal moralities.

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By Sudip Minhas

Voices For Freedom


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