New York, USA: Bhai Resham Singh is an American citizen, resident of Bakersfield, California. On November 4, 2016, he was arrested by Indian authorities when he arrived at the New Delhi airport for sedition regarding Sarbat Khalsa’ 2015.

Bhai Resham Singh and Surjit Singh are two of several Shrimoni Akali Dal Amritsar (USA) leaders charged with sedition. Voices For Freedom (VFF) through its legal counsel in Punjab is working diligently to make sure that justice is served.

According to Simranjit Singh, VFF att

VFF attorney Simranjit Singh with Bhai Resham Singh

orney and counsel representing Resham Singh, “These arrests are arbitrary and are politically motivated. After last year’s Sarbat Khalsa, cases were registered against several Sarbat Khalsa organizers. “If reports are to be believed, these arrest warrants were issued soon after last year’s Sarbat Khalsa, when Punjab Deputy, Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, held a meeting with Amritsar police and instructed them to issue arrest warrants.

VFF-Attorney Simranjit Singh with Bhai Resham Singh

Sarbat Khalsa is both a social and religious gathering that has been taking place in India since the 1700’s. Organizing and attending this event is well within the fundamental rights within the Indian Constitution, such as: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, and freedom of peaceful assembly and association. Making such arrests and detention is illegal, arbitrary and unconstitutional. These mass arrests violate individuals civil and human rights.

Bhai Resham Singh has done nothing wrong. Resham Singh was not given much needed medical attention and is suffering both physical and mental harm.

VFF-India attorney, Simranjit Singh continues to represent Resham Singh in both the district and Punjab High Court of Chandigarh, India. Resham Singh’s next court date is scheduled for December 5th, 2016.

As an International Civil & Human Rights organization Voices For Freedom (VFF) continues to tirelessly work towards fighting injustice.

Issued by:
Jaspreet Kaur,
Attorney, Voices for Freedom