JULY 31, 2009 IMPHAL: An Assam based Bodo Women Justice Forum today called support from all section of the society to demanding repeal of the draconian Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958 from the entire north east.

Speaking at a press conference held in Imphal organized jointly by the Human Rights Initiative and Boro Women for Justice, Assam at Human Rights Initiative, Wangkhei Pukhrimapal, president, Anjali Daimari of BWJF said that people should extend support to the struggle of Sharmila who has been fasting for the last around eight year.

Instead of solving the problems of insurgencies by the act in the region, the problems become worsen day by day.

The Act is not for protecting the integrity and sovereignty of the country but it purpose for killing civilians by the security forces.

So, the Act should be repealed, she demanded.

She further observed that the imposition of restricted area permit act is also another Act of the country which separated the north eastern region from the mainland.

The Acts should be repealed so that people of the region can be equally treated as that of mainland.

Executive director, HRI LC Jinain said even though international bodies like United Nations and Amnesty International have asked to repeal the Act, India, the largest democratic country of the globe is remaining silent without hearing the call.

Sharmila is struggling for the repeal of the Act since long.

Now, time has come to wake up the people and pressed the government to repeal it.

The BWJF chief came to Imphal yesterday for the purpose of meeting with Sharmila and she will leave Imphal tomorrow.