Voices For Freedom (VFF) was started as a human rights group venturing into the realm of political prisoners and the unheard victims of violence, regardless of race, religion, creed and gender. We understand that violence can be in various forms including communal, politically motivated, and gender oppression. Our mission is to amplify the oppressed voices of these victims and to ensure that the human masses and the governments of this world receive their message and understand their plight. We accomplish our mission by forming alliances with key organizations that have regional, racial, or religious expertise and thus achieve our goal of reaching a specific audience. A growing cadre of volunteers supports us. Within our ranks we have volunteers from various fields including academics, technical professionals, legal experts and journalists. While on our way to achieving our goals we have also expanded into environmental issues, children’s rights and women’s rights.

Current Voices For Freedom is an international, not-for-profit, human-rights NGO, serving in India, UK, Canada and the USA.

Our objective is to publicize the plight of the oppressed. This publicity helps to embarrass the oppressive elements of society in the eyes of their peers and the citizens of the world. Once this has been effectively accomplished we may meet with officials of the oppressive element to urge changes in policy and practice — at the United Nations, the European Union, in Washington and in capitals around the world. In certain extreme circumstances, VFF may press for the withdrawal of military and economic support from governments that egregiously violate the rights of their people.

Voices For Freedom believes that international standards of human rights apply to all people equally, and that vigilance and timely organized remonstration can prevent the tragedies of the past centuries from recurring. We remain convinced that progress can be made when people of good will organize themselves to make it happen.

The pledge and pride of VFF is the even-handedness and accuracy of our reporting. To maintain our independence, we do not accept financial support from any government or government-funded agency. We depend entirely on contributions from private foundations and from individuals like you. Please join thousands of other concerned global citizens in supporting the work of Voices For Freedom.

VFF has launched a system campaign against death penalty, have spoken out on the rights of women, have published numerous reports. Smoldering Embers is a report attempting to search for answers and to be courageous to speak out –to get to the truth and expose it. Smoldering Embers incorporates more than 900 cases of the disappeared from districts other than Amritsar. The enormity of the truth can be assessed from the voluminously  large numbers of the “disappeared” that the data reveals.
Smoldering Embers is a Voices For Freedom report, published by Booksurge in 2 volumes and available online at Amazon

Smoldering Embers- Volume 1

Smoldering Embers –Volume 2


Brochure of Voices For Freedom