| December 6, 2016

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While we all gear up to spend holidays at home with our family and friends, Amritpal Kaur is fighting for her father, Bhai Resham Singh to come home. Resham Singh, a father and Sikh activist is being held since November 4, 2016 for political reasons, and is being abused by Indian authorities. He is continuously suffering from physical and mental harm.
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Resham Singh, is an American citizen and resident of Bakersfield, California. He is Senior Vice President of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD–USA), and visited India to attend Sarbat Khalsa. He was arrested upon entry in New Delhi by India’s immigration law enforcement and was taken to Amritsar by Punjab Police.
Sarbat Khalsa is a peaceful event that has been celebrated in Punjab, India by the Sikh people since the 1700’s. The event is not illegal but nevertheless, in 2015 and 2016 the Indian government targeted Sikh nationals, as well as U.S. and European citizens, for their participation and charged them with sedition.

Bhai Resham Singh in shakels, Chandigarh, India

Bhai Resham Singh in shackles, Chandigarh, India

The arrest and detention of Mr. Singh is illegal and in violation of both Indian law and international treaties that guarantee freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom from torture and due process. Mr. Resham was deprived of due process and sleep, and forced to sit continuously for more than 60 hours before seeing the Judge. To add insult to injury, and despite Supreme Court of India’s decision of rejecting the handcuffing of prisoners without a court order, the authorities have kept him shackled. Indian government continues to ignore the outcry from his attorneys, international human rights organizations like Voices for Freedom, and the international community.
“ He has always been a source of inspiration, he is my idol but, he is facing persecution for something he has always believed. He is being treated differently because he attended a gathering well within his religious rights. He is not being treated fairly. He is an American and United States must act immediately to protect one of its citizens. Please bring my dad back home ”, says Amritpal Kaur, daughter of Bhai Resham Singh.

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To date, the Indian government has threatened other Americans, including Surjit Singh Kalhar, for their peaceful participation in the 2015 Sarbat Khalsa. It shows that the Indian government continues to oppress the Sikh community worldwide in an attempt to silence their peaceful expression of the right to self-determination. They are being persecuted and discriminated due to their political opinion.

Therefore in response to the abuse and discrimination Voices for freedom and Shiromani Akali Dal , USA, has launched a petition asking U.S. government to offer Bhai Resham Singh much needed protection and assistance to procure his release so that he may return home to his loving family. Support us by signing this petition.

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Issued by:
Jaspreet Kaur
Attorney, Voices For Freedom;


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