1) International Law and Accountability (ILA)
2) Legal Services Advocacy Project (LSAP)
3) Human-Rights Reports and Publications (HRP)
4) Human Rights Education
, Seminars and Conferences


International Law Accountability (ILA):  As citizens of an increasingly interconnected world, it is critical that all nations, recognize and incorporate the norms of international law into their systems of justice. As citizens of an increasingly interconnected world, it is critical that all nations, India especially, recognize and incorporate the norms of international law into their systems of justice. Voices For Freedom will also bring cases against errant human rights abusers in local and foreign courts under the principle of Universal Jurisdiction, which is based in the belief that some crimes are so heinous that they defy national boundaries.
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Legal Services Advocacy Project (LSAP):Legal Aid Service will provide high quality free civil legal advice, to the  low-income. We also engage in legislative and administrative advocacy, conducting policy research and policy analysis representation and education to the disadvantaged so as to improve the lifestyle and living conditions of the low income community and encourage self-sufficiency.
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Human-Rights Reports and Publications (HRP): Country reports & publications to improve the Human Rights conditions. Our research methodology includes systematic investigations of human rights abuses. At any given time we are actively researching, reporting, and advocating for change. We choose our countries of focus, and the issues we address, based on where we think our attention is needed, and where we can make a difference by challenging- entrenched, longstanding, or steadily deteriorating human rights problems. Our research is not just about victims and perpetrators, but about determining who can and should take responsibility for stopping rights violations and providing redress & the detailed and specific steps that need to be taken. To volunteer to do research and assist in report writing, email


Human Rights Education, Seminars and Conferences (HRESC):  To provide an online resource catalog to books, textbooks, articles and reports. Conduct human rights training seminars in schools and colleges. Training other NGOs, teachers, professors, law students, health professionals, judges and prosecutors on the importance & implementation of human rights. Convene conferences, symposia, and seminars focusing on human rights issues of our day—to lead the national discussion and to raise awareness of key challenges, by bringing together experts from academia, non-governmental organizations, religious institutions, the corporate world and the media to discuss the role that each of these industries has in the fight to protect human rights.
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All Volunteers: Please email us a copy of your resume and 3 writing samples of your work. If you don’t have a writing sample, forward us an essay  not more than 700 words as to why you would like to volunteer and what you would like to achieve.